About Us

We are a team of music lovers with a hand in conscious business, many whose lives have been touched by the legendary Arrowhead Ranch. We feel that with climate change, the political climate, and the general state of the world today, “The Times, They Are A-Changin'” , and people like us are looking for a sanctuary. Not just any sanctuary, but a well-appointed retreat destination that feels comforting…like home. A place in a country setting, with luxurious and cozy amenities that compel our friends and customers back again and again! A place with a full calendar of happenings, workshops and events that are inspiring, fun, and not to be missed!

We think we have found the perfect place to build such a retreat, a place that shined strongly in the past. We feel now is the time, and have made it our mission to restore this amazing, abandoned treasure to its former glory and beyond!

Arrowhead Ranch is a gorgeous 70-acre property with a lovely private lake, located just 100 miles from New York City. In the late 80s and early 90s the fields rang out with laughter and music, its 55 hotel rooms were filled, and legendary promoter Bill Graham booked some of the finest musical acts on its stage including Phish! A diamond in the rough, it currently sits abandoned, nestled into the edge of the Catskill Mountains in Parksville, New York.

When the Arrowhead is reopened, it will be a source of rich culture for Sullivan County, which happens to be currently experiencing a renaissance and resurgence of arts, music and tourism! The facilities on site will consist of a hotel, condos, a pub, event center, restaurant, spa, recording studio and non-profit horse rescue offering boarding and trail rides….

When we look at Arrowhead, we see past the decay, to days gone by that WE were once a part of. With our team’s experience in business, hotel management, and site engineering and architecture, we are up for rebuilding this legend, and believe it will be well worth the effort! We present this exciting opportunity to join us and get in on the ground floor of what again will surely become a legendary destination. We would like to welcome everyone who feels our passion, to come along for the ride!