This past weekend's' Equinox Festival went way beyond our expectations!!! It was such a beautiful gathering of such wonderful souls and every single person there made it what it was! Special thanks to Johnny Jules, The Electric Chords, Little Sparrow, David Ghostlaw, Movement, Dead Ringers, Vernon Webb, Reckoning, Cassandra House, The Electrix, Free Grass Union, Jellyband and Creamery Station. The music was inspired and completely amazing, each band taking it to the next level.

So many people pitched in and contributed their talents and helped. It was a feeling of family and it was wonderful! Thanks so much to everyone for making the trip. We promise to continue improving our facilities, on the path to making the Arrowhead Ranch an epic venue! The rest of the season will be spent concentrating on raising money and getting closer to breaking ground on the hotel. We owe it to all of you to keep this going, and continue on our mission to make this a first-class retreat with all the amenities that you want and expect!

Special thanks to our MC Kenny Schneidman, Greg Castro on sound, Nina and Charlie Mirro, who had this idea, all the band members, Lee Weiss and Annette, Bill Sloan, Alisa Heeber, Lara, Michelle Weber, Steven and Margaret, and any crew members we forgot, Wade, RJ, Harriet, Jerry and Ben, Beth, Jessica, Fay, Jay and all my Parksville neighbors, and all our long island friends that made the trip to support the new venture! Thanks to Buddy Cage who showed up to support us despite the odds. We love each and every one of you and thank you!


Sometimes we ride on your horses...