You are the song that the morning brings...

It's no secret the Arrowhead Ranch & Retreat is seeking investors and/or partners. This winter, pitching the business is our main focus... BUT whether or not this happens, we are moving forward with 2 important improvements!

The revival of the Arrowhead is more than just a business, it is a Grass Roots movement! Therefore, we are giving everyone a chance to invest a fairly small amount, and be forever credited with helping us at the ground floor! These 2 fundraisers will produce concrete results that will greatly enhance the experience for everyone, and bring us to the next level!



Until we rebuild the ranch we think real bathrooms would make the whole experience much nicer. Don't you? When the bathrooms are completed, there will be an invitation only party with celebrity guests to thank and honor all those who donated!

Steps to Success:
  • 1. Drawings, Planning, and Approvals
  • 2. Septic
  • 3. Building
  • 4. Finishings
  • Become a VIP Sponsor or a VIP Craft Vendor and get FREE ADMISSION (and more!) to at least 6 Arrowhead events in 2019! General admission tickets will be about $80.00 for each show.



    It's official, Arrowhead Ranch Horse Rescue, Inc., is a 501c-3 non-profit corporation in the State of New York. NOW we need to rebuild the historic barn, put up fencing and buy a bit of gear so we can start rescuing horses!

    TOTAL NEEDED: $20,000
    Steps to Success:
  • 1. Drawings, Planning, and Approvals
  • 2. Building
  • 3. Fencing
  • 4. Equipment
  • Your contribution to this fund is 100% tax deductible! AND you can get your name, or business's name on a permanent fence board to be displayed prominently at the entrance of the new barn.

    • $100.00 donation buys one customized fence board.
    • An additional $50.00 includes one line of text - a lyric, wish, etc...
    fence slat