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Friday September 21st

(note time changes)
5:30 - Johnny Jules Band
"Masters of the Situation", Veteran performers hailing from nearby Bethel, acoustic trio featuring dobro guitar.

6:45 - Little Sparrow
We welcome for a second time to Arrowhead this fun-loving Americana band from Youngsville, NY. Influences include Jerry Garcia, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Mick Jagger, Emmylou Harris, Aretha Franklin, and Stevie Wonder

8:00 - The Electric Chords
Hailing from the closest town, Liberty, The Electric Chords are also back for a second show at Arrowhead Ranch! Delivering a groovy twist on rock music mixed with heavy blues and jazz influences, this young power trio has established a solid collection of original tunes that you'll be glad you caught!

Saturday September 22nd

Noon - David Ghostlaw (solo acoustic)
Solo acoustic performer from the Hudson Valley with a reggae vibe.

1:00 - Movement
Performing with intense energy, Movement balances mind numbing jams with thoughtful and powerful lyrics. They blend their many influences into an original and innovative sound. Movement is:
Charlie Mirro - guitar, vocals
Tom Groney - guitar, vocals
Jim Fontana - bass
Mike O'Rourke - drums

3:00 - Dead Ringers
Originally put together as a random group of musicians for a Sunday afternoon jam, it quickly became apparent to band and audience alike that there was something special going on. Coming up on 3 years together the band is always moving in new directions from Dead and bluegrass inspired jamming to straight ahead rock and blues!
The Dead Ringers are:
Jimmy Fleming - Guitar, Mandolin, Fiddle, Vocals
John Mercurio - Guitar, Vocals
Jeff Goldstein - Bass
Lee Shonik - Drums

4:30 - Vernon Webb (solo acoustic)
A singer/songwriter from Fairlawn, NJ with over 20 years writing experience. Vernon has developed his own style as he performs passionate covers and original songs, he continuously creates and re-creates an ever-changing kaleidoscope of colors for your ears.

5:30 - Reckoning (Electric and acoustic sets)
Headliner Long Island Band Reckoning have been playing the Grateful Dead music since 1990. Reckoning reflects the songs of the Grateful Dead by exploring new musical innovations. Each show is unique and performed with passion, joy, sadness and bliss. They express emotions through improvisation while breathing new life into timeless classics. Expanding the mind, body and spirit are members:
Charlie Mirro - Guitar, Guitar Synth, Vocals
Bob Laino - Guitar, Vocals
Rich Hutchinson - Keys, Vocals
Jeff Goldstein - Bass
William "Buzz" Abelson - Drums

8:00 - The Electrix (Electric and acoustic sets)
Co-headliner from Long Island, The Electrix are a group of accomplished musicians, each with a lifetime of diverse experience in the music field. Known as one of the leading jam bands in New York, the Electrix perform their renditions of the Grateful Dead and Allman Brothers classics, other related genres of music, and original compositions. As they weave in and out of intense jams with an incredible amount of enthusiasm and feeling they add their own interpretation and style. The musicians are:
Jim Fleming - Electric & Acoustic Guitar, Mandolin, Fiddle, Vocals
Ray Kairys - Electric & Acoustic Bass Guitar
Andy Earl - Electric & Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Kevin Griffin - Guitar, Pedal Steel Guitar, Vocals
Jeff Naimoli - Drums, Percussion, Vocals
Mike Nicita - Drums, Percussion
Mike Katzman - Keys, Vocals

Sunday September 23rd

Noon - Free Grass Union
New York's Premier 21st Century String Band! Deeply rooted in Bluegrass, Folk and other forms of Americana music, the Long Island trio Free Grass Union are known for their incorporation of a wide array of music styles including but not limited to Jazz, Funk, Ambient and Psychedelia to their jam infused live performances. The bands last 2 albums CIRCLES and FULL MOON TALKING which were both featured in RELIX magazine. Free Grass Union bring a unique cosmic stew to the table that can be compared to no other.

2:00 - Jellyband
"It's like putting a really good iPod on shuffle ...a REALLY good one!" -"Captain" Kirk Douglas (The Roots) on JellyBand 7/30/2011
Jellyband's reputation for performing fun, danceable and unusual shows continues to spread, leaving audiences both satisfied and curious as to what they will play next. As the band tells its crowd: "we're not a Jamband, we're a Jellyband". Long Island's Jellyband's reputation for performing fun, danceable and unusual shows continues to spread, leaving audiences both satisfied and curious as to what they will play next. As the band tells its crowd: "we're not a Jamband, we're a Jellyband". Since their 1st show in 2010, Jellyband has drawn from such disparate artists as Frank Zappa, The Police, Tom Petty, Led Zeppelin, Talking Heads, The Beatles, Radiohead, The Band, Steely Dan, Eric Clapton, and of course Grateful Dead and Phish (to name a few).

4:00 - Creamery Station
We are thrilled to welcome this soulful, bluesy, roots jamband from Bethany, CT for a second time to Arrowhead Ranch. Within only 3 years since forming, the band has risen through the ranks - having done shows with national acts such as Melvin Seals and JGB, Twiddle, Keller Williams, John Kadlecik Band, Max Creek, and many more. The band is primarily focused on developing their original material - the songs have already become crowd favorites. Alongside a healthy mix of classic songs you know and love, this eclectic, multi-genre band has been garnering some serious attention lately - delivering stellar performances that you don't want to miss!

Sometimes the songs that we hear are just songs of our own.